Reconnect 3201 DUAL SIM Mobile PhoneThe present Smartphone industry is making headway with Apple and Samsung being the key players. With Android phones gaining increasing prominence among the masses, the leading Smartphone manufacturers have designed varied Smartphones making them appealing to one and all. Android phones are now available at reasonable prices and have made it possible for everyone to join the android bandwagon. Right from Samsung Galaxy S to the Optimus Net by LG, Android phones have busted the myth that you need to have a budget of over Rs.10000 to own an Android phone. Reconnect 3201 is a similar android phone that is reasonable, yet functional.

Reconnect 3201 DUAL SIM Mobile Phone

A closer look:
Reconnect 3201 measures 110mm×50mm×11mm approximately and weighs 110 grams. Its size and weight makes it possible for one to have an easy grip on it. The matte exterior of the Smartphone protects it from any kind of finger stain and accentuates to its sleek look.

The 3.2 capacitive touchscreen is capable of providing you a satisfactory experience by enabling smooth gliding. The home button is placed just below the screen and there are three other touch sensitive buttons located near the home button. The life side of the screen encompasses the USB port that can be used for both data transferring and for charging the battery. However, the port is uncovered giving more room for dust.

The 3MP camera this mobile sports works above average and clicks decently well. The photos look  detailed and clear. Besides, the mobile boasts of rendering a noise free clicking experience.

Its 650MHz processor is not at par with the quad core processors that the high-end phones encompass. The capacitive touchscreen enables easy navigation through the OS pretty well. Auto- rotation can be slow and time – consuming with the loading of apps in the RAM. You need to consider that the speed of the phone reduces with the working of apps. While it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the battery can pump out easily when Wi-Fi is switched on.

The Reconnect supports a 4GB microSD card that is sufficient for one’s basic requirements and  is expandable, if required. The 150 MB of internal memory allows quick data retrieval.

Call quality:
This Dual SIM phone provides amazing sound quality. However, you will have to witness inconveniences while inserting the SIM as you need to remove the battery for the same.

The audio quality is also nice and can be best experienced with the use of headphones. However, it can get a bit unclear and uneven at higher volumes.

A final call:
Reconnect is the right phone for all those users who are looking for an overall great android experience without hurting their budget. It is obvious that one cannot expect a Rs. 6499-priced phone to match up to Galaxy Note or a WildFire.